2015 Morrilton Area Chamber of Commerce Committees

Budget & Finance
Responsible for overseeing all financials matters of the Chamber. Activities include: working with the Chamber staff and all committee chairpersons involved to prepare the annual budget of the Chamber; presentation of this budget to the Board of Directors for approval; recommending  financial guidelines to the board; monitoring of the annual budget; presenting current financial reports at each monthly Chamber meeting; investigating and advising Board of Directors on investment possibilities; and developing recommendations on revenue streams, alternative funding programs and expense controls.

Marketing and Public Relations
Responsible for all activities related to promotion, advertising and public relations of the Chamber as well as monitoring and improving the public image of the Chamber. Working with staff, activities include: preparation and distribution of the chamber directory; enhancements to the website and social media accounts; and media coverage and event press releases.

Responsible for promoting new and ongoing membership in the Chamber. The Committee works with staff to develop strategies to increase members, promotes membership with door-to-door visits to businesses and potential members; checks in with members on renewals and looks for ways to increase member retention and the benefits of membership. 

Events and Hospitality
Responsible for creating opportunities for chamber membership to interact, network, and build relationships.  Additionally, the programs and events are designed to increase visibility for our membership, foster involvement in the chamber and business community, provide opportunities for business referrals, and cultivate professional development and growth.  Events include the annual banquet, business-after-hours, ribbon-cuttings, and ground-breaking ceremonies.  Additionally the committee helps to plan and implement all programs during the year, taking a lead role in selecting topics and speakers, and recruiting individuals for presentations on appropriate and current business issues. With responsibilities ranging from development of new events to analyzing their effectiveness, the committee works with chamber staff to design, market and implement these initiatives.  The committee helps Ensure that anyone (member, non-member, tourist) visiting the chamber or the Morrilton Area feels welcome, their needs are met, and they fully enjoy their visit. 

Responsible for trying to improve the overall success of the Chamber of Commerce by insuring that having fun is part of everything associated with the organization.  

Responsible for maintaining a system to communicate the volunteer needs of each committee to members, helps recruit volunteers, and helps recognize current volunteers and their companies. Tasks include maintaining a list of 1) volunteer needs based on input/feedback from committee chairs, and 2) skills, talents and interests of existing and potential volunteers, and their availability and contact information; and mobilizing volunteers before and during events sponsored or hosted by the chamber.   The committee also works with the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee to help identify skills and assets important to the board and to identify persons for nomination to the board.

The Executive Committee shall act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board is not is session but shall be accountable to the Board for its actions.

Recognition and Awards
Responsible for  nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for each and every award made at the annual banquet.  The committee also recommends to the executive committee any recognition activities that are deemed appropriate for sponsorship or leadership from the Chamber of Commerce.